Tip 1- Look forward

The light fixture in your dining area should be nice in 5, 10 or 20 years ahead. Not just this year. Don’t go after trends or super modern design, it won’t be modern or trendy in 5 years. It will look old fashion in 10 years and probably ridicules in 20 years. Like the old tappet from grandma living room

Tip 2- So what are you doing there?

In your dining table, you will be having a large family meal. You won’t make up there or do your eyebrows. So you don’t need to intensive light and definitely not fluorescent light. You want soft, warm light that you and your food will look at its best

Tip 3 – Dessert anyone?

Research shows that light affects our feelings and mood. Warm high-temperature lighting, made with warm more natural colours and materials, will cause us to feel better and want to stay. When the lighting is cold, too white, everyone will run off the table as soon as the meal is finished, and won’t even stay for the dessert….(but you will get to keep it ? )

Tip 4 – When you ear slowly you gain less weight

When the light is warm, the environment is intimacy, we are enjoying our meal together. We eat slowly and gain less weight

Tip 5 – Who owns this dining area?

The ones going to use this dining table are you, your family, your friends, your children and later on grandchildren. Not the architect nor even the designer. Make your choice, choose something which is touching you.

Tip 6 – Dare

You can always go looking for that chandelier same as the one in that catalogue, mostly all catalogue shows the same anyway…. Or you can dare! Dare to look for something which is you! Be individual. Dare in style, in colours, in materials, in textures. Dare and you will get a light fixture you will always love since it is from your heart and soul. Make something that will make you smile every time you will look at it.

Tip 7 –  How many and how much

Often, we see houses with too many electrical points. 4 or 5 over in the living room, 2 or 3 more over the dining table. It does not! Mean you have to purchase now 4 or 5 light pendants for your home. Not at all! It usually means you should close them and design one or two main pieces.