Type: Pendant – Ceiling artistic chandelier

Perfect for: Dining table, Counter, Kitchen island, Bed room

Fully customizable with an option to choose the number of light pendants and colours from our palette

Light Model: The Shell

Colour: White (standard) or any colour combination from our colour palette

This light fixture includes 18 on 70×30 cm canopy

Each strand has a LED G4 pin bulb of 1.5w with warm-white light colour

We can make 110-220w let us know what your needs are

Finish: White-Matte.  We can customize the ceiling canopy colour

Total Drop: Please let us know how high your ceiling is, and we will customize it to suit your needs.
It can also be adjusted during install.

UL Listed (product safety certification)


The Shell Mix

18 white shells I 70×30 cm canopy

Inspired by the sea creations, ‘The Shell’ glass ceiling lamp is an innovative light installation hand-made by world-renowned artist Shimal’e Peleg.  Full of grace and elegance, this chandelier statement piece is suitable for both rustic and contemporary design and is bound to leave a lasting impression.
The light creates an inviting glow that is as inspiring as it is functional.
The various pendants that hang from the chandelier spread a glorious cascade of light and colour that is hard to turn away from.
Each and every pendant is made with intricately embellished glass leaves and a unique technique of alternating colours to form an exquisite effect exclusive to Shimal’e’s work.


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