Type: Large Foyer Chandelier Lighting 

Fully customized in the number of pendant and arrangement on the canopy

Each piece has 4 glass leaves forming a single rectangular pendant measuring:
Height: 40 cm (15.7”)
Width: 7 cm (2.75”)
Depth: 5 cm (1.96”)

Bulb Type: Led GU10 7w with warm-white light colour. (Included)

Canopy Finish: Canopy colour can be customized. Please send us a message!

Total Drop: Please let us know how high your ceiling is, and we will customize it to suit your needs.
It can also be adjusted during install.

UL Listed (product safety certification)

We ship worldwide.


Large Foyer Chandelier


Large foyer chandelier is specially to fill high ceiling spaces, such as a lobby, entrance whole, staircase, or high living room, with light and grace, in the best possible way, to create a grand entrance and dramatic effect. The bulbs used in “Candles” are Led which has a long-life period and we don’t use any driver in the canopy so you won’t have to get to the ceiling at any time.

The long pendants come down from the ceiling at strategically differing heights, creating a sense of glow and magic like that of a shooting star.
We invite you to contact us, give us information regarding your place and we will design the most suitable glass pendant light – so as if our designer was visiting your home. That much we are expert in what we do.

Easy to upkeep, the ‘Sun Beam’ installation requires LED lights which are both energy efficient and have a long lifespan. The LED power supply (driver) is conveniently placed with easy access to one does not have to reach the ceiling for maintenance.

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