Model: “Wall scone Duet”
Type: Sconce Light/Wall lamp
Colour: Blue-Brown-Yellow
* Colour can be customized upon request, please send us a message to inquire *
Perfect for: indoor lighting, brick wall, corridor, staircase, bedside, bedroom, corridor

60 cm long (23.6″)
15 cm wide (5.9″)
8 cm depth from the wall (3.14″)

*Also available in 30X15 cm (11.8X5.9″)

Light bulbs: 1.55m strip led, 2350L

UL Listed (product safety certification)

Artistic glass, hand painted, each body is slightly different and the other
Each body is a 1-of-a-kind

Keep in mind we are accepting the special request as you want, different colors size and look or any custom design you wish, just contact us before and let us know what you would like to have.


Horizon wall light

60×15 cm

Unique 1-of-a-kind glass wall decor. Expresses the beauty of the hand coloured glass, by lighting it up in a warm hue.
Change your wall design and space environment by this rare handcrafted glass & light piece.

Each of our pieces is handmade with great craftsmanship in our studio. Our artist paints himself all our range of 36 hues, in vivid colours and breathtaking textures

This awe-inspiring design infuses your space with golden hues of red, green, honey and orange. This art installation was created to mimic the radiance of gorgeous fall colours and reflect the warmth of your loved ones to form an environment of pure serenity.


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