The lighting produces an atmosphere – a light tone or in the professional language “light temperature” directly affects the atmosphere in the place. Each space needs a different shade to create the right atmosphere.

Warm light creates in us a sense of calmness and tranquillity and causes us to download “gear” while cold light makes us “arousing”, directed and purposeful.

A yellowish or reddish light produces the atmosphere of warm light while a bluish light evokes and produces the cold air of light. The warm light is light in the area of 2700-3000 Kelvin. It is the light that creates the pleasant atmosphere of calmness.

The light of fire or candle is in the area 1800-3000 Kelvin and therefore create a natural warmth and relaxation. The natural and comfortable effect can be created by using suitable lighting fixtures. What affects the temperature of the lighting fixture is not only the light that illuminates it but also – and to a large extent – the material from which the lighting fixture and even more than its ccolour Handmade lighting fixtures and warm colours will instantly create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

In the designed lighting fixtures of Shmaleh Peleg, we use only 2,700 Kelvin bulbs.