As an architect or builder, we understand your aspiration to elevate the quality of your projects. Our customized lighting solutions provide excellent flexibility to cater to various requirements.

We create ideal lighting solutions for any ceiling structure and space type. Working closely with you throughout the process, we tailor unique light fixtures for your project. We are delighted to craft a one-of-a-kind light fixture to bring excitement and joy to your clients.

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Introducing 33 fascinating glass colors

Design any style by choosing a color combination that complements your interior

Ceiling plate finishes

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How to mix the colors

These are our main mix styles. But any option is

Trade application

We offer 10% discount on the forst order
and 15% from the secon on

Order glass samples

We offer an amazing glass samples kit that includes 33 glass colors, a LED panel, and
some plate finishes if desired.
Additionally, there is an opportunity to receive up to 5 glass colors at no cost.


Each light fixture we make is unique and customized. Thus, we offer customized options such ceiling plate shape/size/finish, quantity of pendants, glass colors and color mix type, wire length, and pendant layout. We work with you to customize your lighting and get the right fixture for your location.

Our specialists can help you figure this out! Our team will create the perfect lighting fixture for your room.

Our customizable tools and information allow you to plan and order the light fixture without assistance.

Second, use our free customization. When you contact us, we will gather information about your space and skillfully design a glass pendant light that matches your home as if our designer were there. Our experience guarantees a customized lighting solution.

We modify cables for your ceiling height. We plan the highest and lowest pendant wire lengths, confirm them with you, and build your fixture. The cables are adjustable, so you can change their lengths later if needed or for any other purpose.

Custom lighting fixtures take 8 weeks to make and deliver. If you’re on a tight deadline, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to speed things up. Some choices can be produced and delivered faster.

All our lighting fixtures utilize LED technology. The LEDs we use emit a warm-white light with a temperature of 3000K. They work with most dimmer switches to regulate the mood. Low-maintenance, easy-to-replace LED bulbs are available in stores and online. For fixture-specific LED information, see the product listing.

Certainly! Our designs suit all ceilings. Simply enter your ceiling details and we will guide you through the measurements. We have many options and will customize the light fixture to fit your space and demands.

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